10 Gorgeous Rituals For Self Care Sunday

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Friends, let’s face it, sometimes Sundays can feel like a bit of a downer.  Sundays really did pull the short-straw as the eternal buffer-day between the weekend and Monday morning.

And it’s so easy to get wrapped up in that habitual mindset, that every week Sunday just seems to slip by in a haze of mundanity.  It gets filled with its endless cycle of housework, homework, grocery shops, lunch-making, washing, ironing, prepping for work or meetings, and… blah, blah, blah.

“Easy like Sunday morning”

But Sunday is a veritable gold-mine of potential pamper-time! It’s a missed-opportunity of hours, where we can relax, have fun and reset ourselves ready for the week ahead.

Yes of course, we’ve gotta get the chores done, but just one hour put aside each Sunday.  Or even a whole Sunday intentionally set aside once a month, can do wonders for your self care and for the soul.

So, take a look through these delightfully simple practices and get inspired to recharge yourself regularly.  Why not turn some, or all of them, into self care habits which become a non-negotiable part of your life?  Aren’t you worth it?

10 Gorgeous Rituals For Self Care Sunday

1  Get Mindful, Get Meditating

Find a quiet space somewhere – a secluded corner of the garden, under the shade of a tree, in the snug, a park bench, deep in the woods, a corner of the meadow, by the river. Take a deep breath and just be at peace with yourself and where you are.

Focus only on what you are experiencing in that moment – what you’re touching, what you hear, what you can taste, what you smell and what you can see (yep, even with your eyes closed).  Get totally present and immersed, no worrying about time, to-do lists or tomorrow.  If your mind wanders, just bring your focus back to the rhythm of your breathing and carry on.

With repetition, this practice will bring you an immeasurable sense of peace.  And if like me, you sometimes need a guided meditation to help you get present, then you’ll find great free resources on websites like Omvana, Headspace and The Chopra Center.

2  Slip A Cleansing Drink Into Your Day

An important element of self care practice is fully nourishing yourself, both body and mind.  Do this at breakfast time and you can zing yourself up for the entire day!

Using super-nutritious veges and fruits, whip up a refreshing brain-boosting juice or smoothie – something like this Cilantro Ginger Smoothie.  Recline in your comfies, relax and feel fab about the amount of self-love your indulging in.

3  Treat Yourself To A Gorgeously Simple Nourishing Meal

And making a deeply nourishing meal for yourself, doesn’t have to be a boring, pfaffy or complicated process.  With a wee amount of effort you can prep yourself a delicious foodie treat.  There’s certainly no need to reach for the takeaway menu and leave yourself in a hellish carb-fuelled brain fog for the rest of the day.

For divine meal inspiration check out sites like Abel & Cole and I Quit Sugar.  I defy you not to find a recipe that isn’t both delicious and nutritious.

4  Move Your Body

Run, walk, bike ride.  Do yoga, pilates or tai chi.  Tend your veggies or just chuck on a tune and dance around the house.  If it’s autumn kick through some leaves, if it’s raining get your wellies on and go jump in a puddle. Any kind of movement is super-healing to the mind and the body.

Movement releases happy-chemicals like dopamine and endorphins, gets you out of your head and gets blood flowing, stimulates your immune and lymphatic systems, burns calories, builds strength, winds you down and helps you sleep.

Not to mention that it’s FUN. In fact, the list of benefits is so long, that moving your body has to be part of your self care Sunday plan.

5  Read, Read, Read

Surely reading must be the purest form of escapism?  With a book you can step into another world at any moment of your choosing.  Any place, any genre, any era.

Sometimes the hardest part is just giving yourself permission to do nothing else except read a book.  After all, if you’re an endlessly busy person, taking time out to read can feel ridiculously indulgent or unproductive.

But hell, this is self care Sunday right?  So take a break from your ‘mental’ and dive right in.

6  Curl Up In Front Of Your Favourite Movie

Never feel guilty about taking proper time out for yourself, (there, I’ve said it again because I think you need to hear it).  And if that looks like totally switching off all serious thought and escaping into the world of a movie, then do it.

Turn off your phone.  Pick your most comfy clothes, a soft blanket, grab your cat, a mug of hot choccie and bundle into your favourite chair.  If you’re with family, get everyone to crash together.  If you’re with a partner, make sure you snuggle up. But don’t move until you’ve watched the entire thing, shed a tear and laughed heartily.

For self care snacks to eat while movie-watching, check out my Flippin Delicious Nooch Popcorn recipe.

7  Light A Fire

It doesn’t have to be cold out to get a fire going.  Even in the midst of a warmer season, you can still get outside in the evening, light a brazier, fire pit or chimenea.  Watch the embers, listen to the crackling and smell the woodsmoke.

There are few things that relax the mind better than staring into the flames of a fire.  It’s one of the oldest and simplest forms of meditation and a wonderful way to find peace.

8  Get Creative

Remember when you were a kid and you just used to make a mess with paints or felt tip pens?  How easily you could access your imagination and get creative in a heartbeat.

Well, it’s time to unleash the 6 year old You once again. Pour yourself into a colouring book, do some finger painting or get out the paintbrushes.  Write a little story, doodle a cartoon.  Model some clay.  Getting creative relaxes the mind, stimulates new ideas and ramps up productivity.

9  Do Some Journaling

You don’t have to be a writer, or have any writing skills, to find the fantastic self care benefits in journaling. Grab a pen and paper, get back in your comfy seat and see what thoughts come up.

Putting anything that’s in your head down onto paper, is surprisingly therapeutic and calming.  You’ll find that often, once it’s down on paper, that’s where it stays.  Or you may uncover some understanding about an issue you have, that was completely hidden to you before.

And if you’ve emptied yourself of thoughts that were so profoundly private, you never want anyone else to read them, then take your notes outside and use them as fuel for number 7.

10  Take A Long Indulgent Bath

Come on, no surprises, you knew taking a bath had to be on the self care list.  And it might seem a super-obvious choice, but when was the last time you took a properly indulgent bath?

And I mean the full works – candles around the bathroom, bubbles you disappear into, soothing epsom salts or essential oils, chilled out music, enough soaking time to relax your muscles, some post-bath moisturising.

And no climbing out until you’re at least partially shrivelled.  A wonderful finale to your self care Sunday.

Sunday is the perfect day to refuel your soul.

Any more inspiring suggestions for self care delights? I’d love it if you dropped me a comment below…

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