12 Ways To Spring Cleanse Your Home, Mind & Body

spring cleanse

It’s a happy truth that a cleanse is good for the soul.

Be that a cleanse of your living space, your physical body or your inner self.  There’s something about cleaning and tidying these parts of us, that is unbelievably refreshing and invigorating.

And of course traditionally, a spring cleanse is the way to go.  There’s no better time for a cleanse than when the year is new and when nature is reawakening.  It’s when we need to throw the windows open, let the fresh air in and get inspired to reset and refresh ourselves for the year ahead.

So, why not take a little browse of these 12 ideas and get motivated to spring cleanse until your heart’s content…

12 Ways To Spring Cleanse Your Home, Mind & Body

Spring Cleanse Your Home

Doing a spring cleanse of your living space, will immediately have you feeling more renewed and motivated.  Here are some great ways to start the process:

  • Discard what you no longer need – And when I say discard, I don’t just mean chuck it all in the bin!
    I mean recycle, freecycle, take it to a charity shop, eBay it, boot fair it, offer it to friends or anyone else who might have a use for your unwanted clutter.
    After all, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!
  • Tidy a little a time – If you don’t know where to start when tidying your home, then baby steps is the best way!
    If you decide to try and tackle it all in one day, then you’re setting yourself a pretty unrealistic goal and will get easily overwhelmed.  Start with just one wardrobe, or one small room and tick them off as you go round the house.
    And remember consistency is best.  In just one month of mini-tidies, you’ll soon see a difference and feel a huge sense of satisfaction.
  • Get organised – If you have a bunch of stuff that you’re definitely keeping, how about just finding a way to store it better?
    Invest in some stationary files, new shelving system, stacking boxes, underbed storage, drawer organisers, etc.  Check out Pinterest for a gazillion ways to do this in all corners of your home.  (Just don’t spend too long on there!)
  • Freshen up the air – Did you know that the air inside your home is more polluted than the air outside?  That’s cos your home is full of things called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other toxic compounds.
    Chemicals from cleaning products, sprays, perfumes, air fresheners, flame retardants from carpets, mattresses, sofas, mould spores, dust, etc.  They can all cause health problems.
    So get those windows open and get the fresh in.  Treat yourself to bunches of spring flowers.  And buy new house plants to clean the air in your living space (you can read more about that in my post – 12 Of The Best Air-Cleaning House Plants For Your Home).

Spring Cleanse Your Mind

Your mind gets just as cluttered with junk and baggage as every other part of your world!  Take time to spring cleanse your mind by trying the following:

  • Make more time for things that bring you joy – When we get all grown up and serious about our lives, we tend to spend far too much time on jobs and bills, and not enough time on joy.
    So can you remember what it is that brings you total joy, and have you done it lately? It could be as simple as singing loudly, bubble baths, finger-painting, hide n seek, sandcastles or campfires.  Only you know!  But wherever your joy lives, get yourself re-energised by finding it again.
  • Get out & reconnect – After a winter hibernating and watching every boxset under the sun, it’s probably time to get out and interact with people again.  Even if that just means taking your book to the coffee shop and reading it in the company of others, then that’s still a good way to reconnect.
  • Retrain your brain – Negative thinking patterns colour the whole way we see the world. They can make us miserable, short-tempered and unmotivated from day-to-day.  Not to mention more draining for others to be around!
    Practice daily mindfulness and self awareness, so you can start becoming more conscious of your thought processes and the old tapes you’re running in your head.  This is the first step to changing the way you think.
  • Introduce a journaling habit – To go alongside your brain retraining, try daily journaling.  Writing down things you’re grateful for each day.  And also emptying out negative thoughts and stresses onto the page, so you can see them for what they really are and start to let them go.
    This is an awesome new habit to form for fantastic mental health.

Spring Cleanse Your Body

The final part of your spring cleanse must involve fully nurturing your physical self, because after all your body and mind are as one.

  • Get outside as soon as you can – Part of the philosophy of a spring cleanse is blowing the cobwebs away.  Once you’ve started doing that with your house, remember to do it with yourself too!
    Get walking, jogging, gardening, doing yoga on the lawn, kicking a football around, fixing that fence, strolling to the shops, meditating in the park, sitting by the sea.  There are few things more cleansing than fresh air and nature.
  • Sign up for something new – Get a new motivation for the year by signing up for park runs, a charity bike ride, a half marathon, a sponsored walk.  Challenge yourself to hike a certain distance or explore a bit of local coastline.  Join a ceramics class, painting class, dance class, singing lessons, cookery lessons – the choice is entirely yours!
  • Improve your sleeping habits – Good quality sleep leads to a good quality life.  If sleep is low-down on your priority list, your health will likely suffer somewhere down the line.  As part of your spring cleanse, why not take a look at how you can boost your sleep and make your sleep-space blissful, in my post – 15 Tips For Better Sleep & Creating Your Own Sleep Sanctuary).
  • Enrich your diet – You are what you eat right?  So what are you eating from day to day?  How are you fueling and nourishing your body?  Be honest with yourself.
    Look at ways you can eat cleaner, fresher, less-sugary, less-processed.
    Make your diet more colourful with veggies and fruit. Eat a little more organic if you can.  Invest in a blender or a juicer.  Increase your healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil, to nourish your brain.  Cut out the simple carbs to clear the brain fog.  Hydrate as much as possible to flush and detox.
    But again, baby steps and little introductions are way better when tweaking your diet.  That way you’re much more likely to get used to your new foods and stick with them long-term.

So, are you feeling inspired to spring cleanse this year?  If so, give yourself a high five!
And let me know how you get on in the comments below!

Also if you have other ways to spring cleanse that I’ve totally missed off the list, then please share them too, I’d love to hear your ideas x

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