52 Ways To Pay It Forward & Make Someone’s Day

ways to pay it forward

Ever see the film Pay It Forward where the little boy sets up a goodwill movement to try and make the world a better place?  He starts off a network of good deeds by doing a favour for three people and then asking each of them to do the same thing for three others, and so on.

Well, that’s the inspiration for this little list of ways to pay it forward.  The idea that you do many, small random acts of kindness for the people around you, for no other reason than you can.

Some of these ways to pay it forward are as effortless as a smile, while others involve just a little of your time or money.  But if we do these acts regularly, the world becomes a tiny bit more loving and we end up with a little more purpose in life.

So how about challenging yourself to do one random act of kindness every week for a whole year?  That’s a lot of joy-spreading right!
This extensive list of simple ways to pay it forward takes all the effort out of planning and lets you do just that…

52 Ways To Pay It Forward

1  Leave a random note.
Even if all it says is “You’re awesome!” Pop a sticky-note on a mirror, by the side of the bed, or slipped into a book. Write it in fridge magnets or in condensation on the window.

2  Go out of your way to thank someone.
Someone made an effort for you…  so smile, look them in the eye and say thankyou.  Pop a card in the post.  Send an appreciative email.  Just let them know they made a difference.

3  Go wombling.
Pop to the beach, local park or woodland and do some much-needed litter picking.

4  Pay attention.
When someone shares the time of day with you, give them your full attention.  You may be the only person they speak to all day.

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” ~ Simone Weil.

5  Put away your phone when you’re having a meal with others.

6  Buy coffee for the person next to you in a queue.

7  Or just allow someone to jump the queue ahead of you.

8  Be a more patient driver.
Give way to people more often, let people out a junctions and try not to be in such a rush.

9  Give someone your seat on a crowded bus or train.

10  Write a letter.
We handwrite so few letters these days.  And you know that to get one in the post is like a treasure! So write a letter to someone you know, just because.

11  At birthdays or Christmas…
Ask a loved one to make a donation to a valued cause, rather than buying you a gift.

12  Offer to mow someone’s lawn.

13  Make a playlist.
Music can say way more than words ever could. If you have a gorgeous bunch of tunes that brings you joy or means something to you, make a playlist and share it with a loved one.

14  Make a food bank donation.
Next time you’re in the supermarket, buy something extra and leave it in the food bank on your way out.

15  Buy someone a lottery ticket.

16  Send a bouquet of flowers.
Even better, take some time to handpick them from your garden and deliver them yourself.

17  Pay a compliment.
Do this for anyone you chat to today, even if you’ve never met them before.

18  Do a sponsored event for charity.
Do a run or a bike ride and get fit, organise a cake sale, a dog show or a coffee morning.

19  Make a little donation. To a cause that matters to you.  Even if it’s just small change.

20  Leave a more generous tip.
For an awesome waiter or waitress who made your meal special.  For the friendly taxi driver or the talented street musician.

21  Leave a positive comment online.
The internet can be so full of nay-saying and negativity. So post some joy on a FB friend’s wall, a website you subscribe to or a blog you love.

22  Sell your junk at a bootfair and donate some or all of the money you make.

23  Donate pet food, blankets, towels and newspapers.
Local wildlife sanctuaries and animal shelters are always desperate for these items.

24  Help out an elderly person.
Carry their shopping to the car for them, put back their trolley, give them a hand onto the bus.

25  Leave a box of chocolates or a flower bouquet at the nurses’ station in a hospital.  Say thankyou to these people for working their butts off 24/7.

26  Let someone know you’re about to leave a busy car park.  So they can take your space quickly and easily.

27  Offer to take someone’s selfie, couple’s or family photo for them.

28  Send a positive text message.  To any 5 people in your phone book.

29  Smile at 5 people on the street.  And not in a creepy way.  One of the simplest ways to pay it forward.

30  Drop round to your neighbours with some surprise home baking.
Make them something nourishing and delicious like a few of these granola bars.

31  Clean your neighbours car for them.

32  Give a homeless person a meal, hot drink or some blankets.

33  Give a £1 gift.
Stop someone to tell them they dropped a £1 coin (even though they didn’t), and then give them £1.

34  Give away money-off vouchers.
If you have any spare grocery discount vouchers, why not leave them next to their respective items in the supermarket.

35  Give away things you no longer need on Freecycle.

36  Do some volunteering.
It’s a fantastic way to meet new people, make a contribution and do something satisfying.

37  Appreciate good customer service.
If someone gave you good service in a shop, make a point of telling their manager about it.  Or leave a positive review on the company’s website.

38  Treat your coworker to lunch.

39  Write a letter of thanks to an old teacher, lecturer or mentor.
If someone made a difference and helped you on your journey, let them know.  Even if it’s years later.

40  Offer to babysit for trusted friends, to give them a night off.

41  Throw a friend or loved one, or even your whole family, a You’re-Awesome Party!

42  Run an errand for a friend or neighbour.
Post a letter, drop off a parcel or pick up some groceries.

43  Don’t throw food away unnecessarily.
We all eat too much anyway, so if you don’t really need it, don’t buy it!  Learn to be creative and resourceful with the food that you do buy.

44  One person’s junk is another’s treasure.
Clear out some of your excess, unwanted stuff (like clothes, books or toys) and take it to a charity shop.

45  Creative ways to pay it forward.
Paint someone a landscape, knit them a scarf, write them a poem, a story or a song.

46  Treat your postie or delivery driver.
Next time they come to your door, surprise them with a homemade cookie or cake.

47 Hug more!!!

48  Leave a note on a changing room mirror in a shop.
“No, you don’t look crap, you look absolutely beautiful.”

49  If you’re well and healthy, donate some blood.

50  Love the planet.
Turn that light off when you leave the room.  Wash-up for a change instead of using the dishwasher.  Take a quick shower instead of running the bath.  Use reuseable shopping bags.  Take the bus.  Switch off the TV and read a book.  The list is endless…

51  Show appreciation to your significant other.
Write them a list of all the things you can think of that you love about them.  Take time over it.

52 Always look after yourself!  Nourish yourself, praise yourself, love yourself.  Let the kindness start with YOU.

“The greatest gift you can give another person is your own happiness.” ~ Esther & Abraham Hicks

Think of any more fantastic ways to pay it forward? Please share them below and we can add them to the list.. x

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