6 Natural Home Remedies For Acne Flare-Ups (With Recipes)

home remedies for acne

There’s no doubt that for me personally, my skin is a big indicator of my overall health and what’s going on inside my body.  Not only do I have psoriasis, but I also get frequent spot flare-ups around my mouth and chin.

On my healing journey I’ve realised that my skin flare-ups are always related to poor diet and lifestyle choices, triggering gut and hormone imbalances.  Healing for me, now means lots of good, clean nutrition. And treating any flare-ups naturally, without harsh chemicals.  NOT by using ineffective commercial spot treatments or steroid cream from the doctor.

Below are some simple home remedies for acne which I’ve come across and have enjoyed trying out on myself.  They’re a wonderful way to soothe flare-ups without putting more toxic chemicals on the skin.  And the bonus is, many of the ingredients have antioxidant benefits that go beyond just healing spots!

Combine these home remedies with the lifestyle tweaks listed at the end of the post and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy body, as well as healthy skin…

6 Home Remedies For Acne Flare-Ups

1  Tea Tree Treatment

Tea tree is one of the most well-known and powerful home remedies for acne [1a].  Used in so many commercial skin treatments, but usually with a whole load of added chemicals and fragrances along with it.

This simple treatment is nothing more or less than perfectly-diluted tea tree oil to give your skin the purest tea tree benefits.  Just remember to NEVER use neat tea tree oil on the skin, because it is so strong!

Tea Tree Treatment Recipe – Add 1 part tea tree oil to 9 parts water and mix very thoroughly.  Dab gently onto the affected area and leave to absorb in.  Repeat as often as needed.

2  Cinnamon & Honey Mask

Honey has long been valued for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and skin-healing powers [2][2a]. Cinnamon too contains many polyphenols and active components, such as cinnamaldehyde, which confer it with antimicrobial benefits [2b].  Together they make a lovely combo for tackling acne flare-ups.

Mask Recipe – Mix up your skin mask using 2 tablespoons raw honey with 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon OR 5 drops cinnamon essential oil.  Pop an old towel around your shoulders and use your fingers to apply the mask to the affected area.
Sit back for 15 minutes and allow the treatment to do its work.  Then rinse off thoroughly with warm water.

3  Green Tea Spritzer

Did you know green tea can be made into a brew that nourishes your face as well as your tummy?  The antioxidants it contains, such as catechins, provide the same anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects to the skin layers [3].

Spritzer Recipe – Make a fresh cup of green tea with boiling water and let it to steep for 5 minutes.  Then remove the teabag (or tea leaf infuser) and leave to cool down.
Pop into a clean spray bottle and gently spritz your face with a fine mist.  Alternatively apply the tea to your skin with cotton pads.  Allow it to dry on your skin, before rinsing off with warm water.

4  Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera has great skin-healing power and lots of scientific studies to back it up [4]. You can use a good quality organic aloe vera gel as a simple moisturiser, so it both soothes the skin and offers natural antibacterial protection.

I’ve recently started applying Aloe Pura’s Organic Aloe Vera Gel With Tea Tree and love it’s skin-clearing effects.  I use the aloe vera gel on my face and body, and find it gentle and refreshing, with no dryness or harsh side effects.

5  Apple Cider Vinegar Solution

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) should get awards for its multitudes of health and household uses!  And a simple antibacterial cleanser is just one of them.

ACV Cleanser Recipe – Mix up a dilute ACV solution for your skin by combining 1 part ACV with 3 parts water.  (If you have sensitive skin, just increase the dilution.)  Use a cotton wool pad or clean cotton cloth to apply the solution, leave for 30 seconds, then rinse and pat dry.

6  Coconut Oil Face Wash

I recently concocted a wonderful, moisturising face wash by adapting a couple of my other skincare recipes.  This face wash has a base of fractionated coconut oil, which is a fab natural antimicrobial anyway, plus a bunch of other bacteria-fighting ingredients.
This type of coconut oil is also in a naturally liquid state, so perfect for using in these sorts of liquid skin treatments.

Recipe – In a lidded glass jar, add 4 tablespoons fractionated coconut oil, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 5 drops lavender oil, 5 drops tea tree oil, 5 drops frankincense oil.  Pop on the lid and give the whole lot a really good shake.  (And be sure to shake well before each use.)
Use twice a day, by wetting your face with warm water, then applying the face wash and gently rubbing in.  Rinse off again with warm water and gently pat dry. Your face should feel refreshed and beautifully soft!  I have no need for other moisturisers when I use this treatment, and I don’t find my skin is greasy either.  But those with very oily skin, may prefer using a different treatment.

For other variations on these simple, home remedies for acne you should also check out my recipes for – Homemade Face Wash With Honey and Homemade Turmeric Face Mask!

Crucial Ways To Boost Skin Health From The Inside

When you’re using these natural home remedies for acne every day you’re certainly doing your skin a massive favour by reducing its toxic load.
However, you must also nourish your skin from the inside by bringing more of the following into your life:

  • Consider what you’re eating! – Major acne-triggering food groups include sugar, starchy carbohydrates, grains/gluten and dairy.  If you can eliminate these (even just for a month), you’ll see what wonders this does for your skin!  Remember it’s important to keep eating good fats, which are essential for healthy brain, skin and hormone function.  These are found in foods like olives and olive oil, avocados and avocado oil, coconut oil and grass-fed butter.
  • Nourish your gut – whenever you’re tackling poor health of any sort think gut, gut, gut!  The health of your gut is pivotal to the health of your whole body, so nourish your gut bacteria whenever you can.  Take a high quality probiotic supplement every day. Eat regular amounts of fermented foods, like sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir.  Eat plenty of organic fresh vegetables and fruit.
    For more info read – 5 Fantastic Probiotics Foods For Gut Health and The Best UK Probiotics Supplement.
  • Drink plenty of water – drink enough water that your urine stays a pale-yellow.  Try to use filtered water, as it contains less toxins and chemicals.  Try a daily cup of hot water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to cleanse, rehydrate and soothe your digestive tract.
  • Keep vitamin D levels topped up – vitamin D is an essential nutrient for the health of your whole body, including your skin and immune system.  And although vitamin D is made by your skin, many of us are still deficient, not getting enough sunshine or not being efficient enough at producing it.  Take a daily vitamin D3, like this one, and get your vitamin D levels checked 1-2 times a year.
  • Get lots of omega-3 fats – Omega-3 fatty acids are pivotal to skin health and are important for managing conditions like acne, eczema, and dry skin.  A daily omega-3 supplement (of 2000mg) has been shown to significantly improve mild to moderate acne [6].
  • Keep your stress levels down – Stress is horrendous for your health, hormone balance and immune system.  If you’re a stressy sort and always rushing about, take a little time to learn and practice ‘tapping’ (Emotional Freedom Technique), mindfulness, journaling and meditation.
  • Exercise – moving your body and getting regular moderate exercise is good for everything!  You really don’t have to be running marathons to reap the benefits. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is particularly great for boosting mood, circulation, immunity, energy levels and hormone balance.  And working up a sweat is also fab for detoxing!
  • Sleep away – while you’re asleep, your body and mind are busy repairing, renewing and restoring!  Massively boost your sleep quality by winding down before bed with books, baths and meditation (not tv coffee and social media).  Wear an eye mask, keep your bedroom cool, try to get up at the same time each day.  And try to allow about 8 hours sleep-time if you can.

If you combine my simple and natural home remedies for acne with these awesome lifestyle changes, you’ll find you can gain control over your acne flare-ups.  In fact you should start to notice them lessening altogether.  Not only that, but you’ll begin to feel a whole lot better in yourself.

So what sort of home remedies for acne have you used?  And what ones have you found most successful?  Drop me a comment below, I’d love to discuss x

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