7 Ways To Get Creative & Elevate Your Joy

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Have you ever heard of the state of flow?  It’s that wonderful zone you get into where you’re so joyfully absorbed in a task that you lose all sense of time and space.

But can you honestly remember when you last did that?
For most of us, our lives are so filled with the mundanity of jobs, chores, bills, shopping, commuting and routines, that the state of flow is a near impossibility.  It’s laughable to think that you’d have time for it right?

Finding Your Flow

But as a child living in a state of flow, was a pretty much a normal way of being.  Children live in endlessly creative, imaginative places where they exist in the present moment and have little sense of time at all.
This is one of the reasons why they’re SO JOYFUL.

“Those who regularly get into a state of creativity, are in fact happier.” ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

And for us adults, one of the easiest ways for us to get into ‘flow’ is simply to get creative.  This may seem ridiculous, but if you’re struggling to find much joy in your day-to-day routine, then you seriously need to make more time for the carefree, creative you.

7 Ways To Get Creative

1  Writing

Getting creative with words should be something all of us do, not just the novelists and authors.  Very often we fuss so much over whether something will be Booker prize-worthy, that we end up never even putting pen to paper.

But just the physical act of writing, even if it’s not for any purpose other than to empty your head, has been shown to improve mental health [1].

And there are so many ways we can get creative with our thoughts and our words:

  • Journaling
  • Story-telling
  • Diary-keeping
  • Letter-writing
  • Poetry
  • List-making
  • Vision boards
  • Autobiography

2  Drawing

And of course the creative arts could never be complete without drawing!
It is and always has been one of my most favourite things in all the world to create pictures with pen, pencil, paint, charcoal, pastel or any other medium I can.

But are you afraid to start cos you think you can’t draw?  Why not get out of your rut and your comfort zone by…

  • Signing up for adult classes in – still life, pottery, life drawing, photography, sculpture.
  • Trying collage, decoupage, mosaic, origami, colour work, scrap-booking.
  • Just getting back to finger painting and making a MASSIVE MESS!
  • Investing in this TOTALLY FAB sketchbook – 642 Things To Draw. (And yes, I do have one.)

3  Gardening

Just a tiny amount of money can buy a packet of seeds to grow hundreds of plants.  Herbs, veggies or wildflowers.  Or your very own meadow.
You can be creator of an entire outdoor space, or a little corner of the garden or just a window box if that’s what you fancy.

Put yourself down for an allotment.  Enter your own veg into a local village show.  Sell your produce at a fair.  Get into bonsai.  Or even garden design!

And for more inspiration on gardening inside your home, read this post.

4  Cookery

If you’re a wannabe chef, then creating a beautiful meal can be a joyful thing indeed.  Selecting a delectable recipe, with delicious and nourishing ingredients. And then the actual task of chopping, prepping, cooking and presenting the food, can all put you in flow.

Enjoy cooking just for that one special person.  Plan a dinner party for your bestest friends.  Challenge yourself to make something really skillful and intricate.
Cook all the recipes in your favourite cookbook.  Or create a real foodie masterpiece.

5  Song

Losing yourself by having a proper loud singing session, is surely one of the best things in the world!  Personally, I love doing this in the car, at the absolute screaming top of my voice.
And in the shower of course, where the acoustics can make all of us sound like Whitney.

Get creative with your voice and song – writing lyrics of your own, singing karaoke, taking singing lessons, joining a choir, forming a band.

6  Dance

Dance is movement and movement is life.  When you get creative by moving to music, rhythm and sound, you feel joy by losing yourself in that moment.

Through dance you can express stillness, excitement, romance, chaos, humour.  While at the same time releasing challenging emotions like anger, stress and anxiety.

What’s more you don’t need to have any training or skill at dance.  You could just be having a boogie in the kitchen or dancing round your bedroom.

7  Making Gifts

And if you’re gonna get creative, then why not pour that flow energy into something you can give to another?  You can spread the love AND get creatively joyful all at the same time!

Use any of the above creative talents to make all kinds of gifts for loved ones and friends.  Homemade foody delights, a hand-crafted card, a personal story, a framed painting, a bunch of flowers that you grew yourself.

The list of gifts that you can make is truly endless and only limited by your own imagination.

8  Explorative Rituals

And for those with truly magical imaginations, who want to get creative in totally new and different ways, there are other wonderful ideas to explore!  Why not try: –

  • Exploring the mysticism of ancient rituals like Tarot or Runes.  Or for a more modern twist, Kris Carr’s beautiful Crazy-Sexy-Love card deck of daily affirmations.
  • Delving into the world of chakras.
  • Writing a letter of love and appreciation to your inner child.  Or a letter of forgiveness and wisdom to your past self.
  • Cloud-gazing and star-gazing.
  • Learning the art of henna and body painting.
  • Getting into lucid dreaming.
  • Clearing your home space with sound healing.
  • Wood, stone or bone carving.

What are YOUR thoughts on how to get creative?  Is there anything you absolutely love doing creatively that fills you with joy?
Or do you find it impossible to get creative in today’s work-obsessed, run-you-ragged world?  Share your thoughts with me below x

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