Modified Citrus Pectin Benefits & Cancer Effects

citrus pectin benefits

Modified citrus pectin (MCP) is a curious thing.  It sounds all science-y and manufactured, but it’s actually just a complex sugar from fruit peel (called pectin), which has been broken down into smaller pieces so the body can absorb it.

So fruit pectin in its natural state is non-absorbable, but modified citrus pectin is in small enough parts to be used by the body.  And that’s why it has lots of benefits!

These citrus pectin benefits are exciting because they’re supported by loads of scientific studies and show particular promise in fighting highly inflammatory conditions like cancer.

Below, I’ll list some of the biggest modified citrus pectin benefits and then make some recommendations for MCP supplements, for anyone that wants to try it for themselves.

Modified Citrus Pectin Benefits & Cancer Effects

1 Reduces The Growth Of Cancer

Probably one of the most impressive of all citrus pectin benefits, is its ability to fight and destroy cancer cells.

Studies have shown that MCP appears to work by inhibiting a harmful inflammatory compound called galectin-3, which protects cancer cells from death (apoptosis).

With less galectin-3, the cancer cells are much more likely to be destroyed by the immune system. And are less able clump together or adhere to blood vessels and organs.

In this way, MCP induces cancer cell death in a number of different cancer types, including prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and melanoma.  And studies are showing more cancer fighting benefits all the time [1].

2 Reduces The Spread Of Cancer

In tandem with its cancer-fighting power, MCP also inhibits the spread of cancer cells to new areas of the body (metastasis).

“MCP has emerged as one of the most promising anti-metastatic treatments.”

Again, it is MCP’s dramatic reduction of galectin-3 in the body, which inhibits the ability of cancer cells to move around and infiltrate new areas.  MCP can also prevent adhesion of cancer cells within the circulation and limit the growth of new blood vessels inside malignant tumours [2].

Studies have so far shown this to be the case for prostate, liver and colon cancer metastases [2a][2b][2c].

3 Enhances Chemotherapy & Protects Against Radiotherapy

And while we’re on the subject of cancer, one of the best citrus pectin benefits is that it can enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment.  Even against more resistant types of cancer.

In this respect, MCP is very similar in action to the powerful anti-cancer herb artemisinin, which has many of the same healing properties!

Studies show that MCP can work alongside drugs like doxorubicin and paclitaxel to enhance their effect on cancer cells [3][3a].

This may mean that lower dosages of chemotherapy could be used in the future.  Which can only be a good thing, seeing as chemo is SO toxic to the body.

“MCP can enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy
and radiotherapy AND protect healthy cells
against damaging side effects.”

Equally as awesome, MCP enhances the effects of radiotherapy, by increasing the sensitivity of cancer cells to treatment.  A 2015 study demonstrated this in prostate cancer, which can be very resistant to the effects of radiation [3b][3c].

Furthermore MCP can help protect healthy cells against the ravaging effects of the radiation itself.

citrus pectin benefits

4 Boosts The Immune System

Another important property is that modified citrus pectin benefits the immune system,  activating key immune cells like B-lymphocytes.  These are cells with the job of making antibodies that fight against disease.

“MCP stimulates and activates cancer-fighting

immune cells within the body.”

Secondly, MCP boosts levels of cancer-fighting immune cells, including Natural Killer (NK) cells and T-cytotoxic cells, which attack tumours and destroy them.

A 2011 study demonstrated these types of MCP-stimulated immune cells destroying leukaemia cancer cells in culture.  MCP managed to produce a 10-fold increase in the activity of these NK cells [4].

5 Detoxifies Heavy Metals

When it comes to cleansing yourself of heavy metals, MCP can detoxify some of the real nasties including mercury, lead, arsenic and chromium.
And knowing how to detoxify heavy metals properly is such an important part of healing!

Several studies have shown that MCP reduces levels of heavy metals in the body, by an average of 74%.  And above all, that it does so without any side effects.

Astonishingly, one trial looking at lead toxicity in children, even found that MCP lowered blood serum levels of lead by an average of 161%!  And that it did so gently and safely [5][5a].

And as if all these citrus pectin benefits weren’t enough, MCP also works synergistically with other natural anti-cancer treatments.  So you can combine some of these top natural anti-cancer remedies together, for super healing effect!

One of these alternative treatments is honokiol, a natural compound extracted from magnolia bark.

When MCP and honokiol work together, they produce a much more powerful antioxidant effect than when used on their own.  In combo they inhibit the overproduction of harmful inflammatory mediators and free radicals, which can lead to cancer and inflammatory disease [6].

In another trial, MCP was also combined with a natural anti-cancer supplement called BreastDefend, and found to synergistically inhibit the adhesion and spread of cancer cells [6a].

MCP Supplementation

So if after reading all these citrus pectin benefits, you’re keen to try supplementing with MCP, then there are various options available in the form of oral powders and capsules.

The most well-known MCP product is EcoNugenics PectaSol-C powder.  It’s not a cheap supplement by any means, but it does come with a whole bunch scientific studies behind it.  Many of these studies I’ve quoted in this article, but there are lots more on Pubmed for anyone wishing to do their own research [7][7a][7b].

PectaSol also comes in different size tubs, depending on how economical you want to be and it’s a reliable first choice if your budget will stretch to it.  The large 454g tub is available on both Amazon US and Amazon UK.

For those with smaller budgets, Swanson’s PectiPure MCP is a good alternative to try (available on Amazon US here).
Both brands contain additional electrolytes and dietary fibre.

Dosing – The recommended active dosing for treating cancer and disease is 15g a day.  And maintenance dosing is 5g a day.


Any thoughts or questions on MCP and your own experiences?  Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts x

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