Coconut Oil Body Butter Recipe With Shea & Jojoba

body butter recipe

So here we have a really good basic body butter recipe made with some of the most skin-nourishing oils you can find!

We all know that coconut oil is a fabulous skin treatment, full of healing fatty acids that your skin soaks up.  That’s the reason why it has at least 20 fab uses for skin that I cover in another post.

With this body butter recipe, you also use unrefined shea butter which is great for maintaining skin collagen.  And shea provides a natural source of vitamins A and E, as well as linoleic acid which helps to lock in moisture.

Jojoba oil too (pronounced ho-ho-ba) is full of skin-supportive fatty acids like erucic acid, oleic acid and eicosenoic acid, which all help to hydrate.

But what I really love about homemade skin treatments is they’re made with just a handful of simple ingredients and NO toxic chemicals.  Nearly all the mainstream beauty products contain harmful fragrances, parabens, colours, preservatives, etc, which your body has to detox every time you use them!  It’s really no way to look after yourself.

So savour this homemade body butter.  You created it and it’s all yours to nurture your wonderful self with.

And enjoy adding your favourite essential oils (EOs), depending on your own personal health requirements.  If you need to, you can find extra inspiration and advice on using EOs in my post about blending essential oils for diffusing.

Coconut Oil Body Butter Recipe

Note: this body butter recipe needs one lidded jar or container of about 300g / 10oz size.


  • 100g / ½ cup coconut oil
  • 100g / ½ cup unrefined shea butter
  • 30ml / 1-2 tablespoons jojoba oil
  • 20 drops essential oil – some fab body butter EOs to try include vanilla, sweet almond, lavender, sandalwood, geranium, grapefruit, orange and frankincense.


1  Pop a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water on the stove.

2  Add the coconut, shea and jojoba oil to the bowl and heat them until they’ve melted completely.  Remove the bowl from the heat and stir together well.

3  Once cooled, place the bowl in the fridge so the oils set again.

4  Later take a hand mixer and beat the oils until they’re whipped-up and have a fluffier consistency.

5  Then add your essential oil blend to the bowl as well and re-mix one more time.

6  Finally transfer the body butter into your chosen container.

Let me know how you get on with this body butter recipe!
As well as your favourite essential oil combos and whether you have any improvements to recommend. x

And here are the particular carrier oils that I tend to use for my homemade treatments.  (Buying these sorts of quality products in bigger quantities is much more economical on the purse and better for the environment too, ie less plastic waste):


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