20 Coconut Oil Uses For Skin Health & Softness

coconut oil uses for skin

Coconut oil really is a natural wonder!  And even if you’re not a fan of cooking with it, then you can still take advantage of its nourishing properties with these 20 awesome coconut oil uses for skin.

The same wonderful fatty acids that are found within it, can be just as beneficial for your outside as your inside.  And at the very least, it makes a fantastic carrier oil to get other healing nutrients down into the subcutaneous layers of your skin.

So Why Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil contains all sorts of healing compounds, including important fatty acids like lauric, caprylic and capric acid [1].

Apart from being anti-inflammatory, these compounds are also anti-microbial so that makes them great for combatting skin redness and soreness, as well as irritation and infection [1b].

And another of coconut oil’s key benefits comes from its deeply moisturising properties.  These fatty acids can sink down into the skin, locking in moisture and carrying other nutrients into the deeper cutaneous layers [1a].

And of course, coconut oil is super cost-effective – one jar going much further than conventional skin products do, without costing the earth OR containing any of the toxic ingredients.

20 Coconut Oil Uses For Skin Health

1  Moisturising Face Wash

One of my favourite and most well-loved coconut oil uses for skin is this natural face wash recipe with honey.  I use it every day and it’s perfect for both gentle cleansing and moisturising.  And it doesn’t leave my skin greasy at all.
In fact it long ago replaced any commercial face wash that I would have used.

coconut oil uses for skin

2  Simple Body Butter

Coconut oil does of course make a wonderful base for body butter.  It’s a solid oil when cool, but softens quickly and easily on skin-contact and rubs in well.
You can use the oil straight from the jar for a really quick fix, or mix up a homemade body butter recipe for something even more deeply moisturising.

Adding a few drops of your favourite scent, such as vanilla essential oil, makes your body butter aromatic without the need for any fake chemical fragrances.

3  Simple Hand Moisturiser

And of course a jar of coconut oil next to the sink, is all you need for the most natural hand moisturiser in the world.  It’s effective barrier-cream properties make it excellent for locking in moisture, when your hands need replenishing.

4  Bath Oil

A generous glug of coconut oil in your bath water, makes a ridiculously good natural bath oil!  Combine it with half a cup of epsom salts and 10 drops of lavender essential oil for your most stress-busting and most moisturising bath EVER.

5  Body Scrub

Another corker of coconut oil uses for skin is as a body scrub!
Just combine a palmful of coconut oil with a spoonful of coarse sea salt or granulated sugar, for a wonderful natural exfoliant.

6  Natural Homemade Deodorant

Surprisingly coconut oil can also be used as the base for a gentle homemade deodorant.  I love Dr Axe’s deodorant recipe which you can adapt to contain whichever scents you prefer, or which are most effective for you.

7  Nourishing Massage Oil

And if you’re just looking for the most simple of coconut oil uses for skin, then you won’t go wrong with massage oil.  Warm up your coconut oil just a little and then pour it onto the skin for massage oil bliss.

Add in your favourite essential oil blends for the best aromatherapy treatments possible.

8  Homemade Lip Balm

You can also mix coconut oil with shea butter, beeswax and essential oils of your choice to make a lovely natural lip balm.
Recycle your old lip balm pots for the ultimate eco recipe AND to save on plastic.

9  Anti-Cellulite Treatment

And yes coconut oil can be used as the base for a natural cellulite treatment too!
Just combine it with some grapefruit essential oil, which has proven anti-cellulite properties, and you’re away [9].

coconut oil uses for skin

10  Post-Shaving Treatment

Coconut oil is also useful as a post-shave moisturiser for both ladies and gents, helping to soothe irritated skin and prevent ingrown hairs developing.

11  Natural Nappy-Rash Treatment

Now of course I haven’t actually used this one myself, but I have recommended it to friends with little ones.  Coconut oil is really soothing for sore nappy-rash skin and its natural anti-inflammatory compounds help to ease irritation.

Used regularly it makes a protective natural barrier for the skin surface, without any side effects or harm to baby’s skin [11][11a].

12  Gentle Make-Up Remover

If you’re a big make-up user then you may want to know that another of the best coconut oil uses for skin, is as a make-up remover.  It’s SO gentle that it’s especially good around the delicate eye area, where it doesn’t cause irritation.
Just dab it on with a natural cotton cloth.

13  Aftersun

Did you know that mixing coconut oil with baking soda produces an effective skin treatment for sunburn?  Both of these ingredients work together to reduce inflammation, heat and redness and to lessen any long-term skin damage.

14 Soothing Muscle Rub

And if you ever get muscle aches and pains (and let’s face it who doesn’t!), then you can use coconut oil, combined with pain-relieving essential oils and natural anti-inflammatories, to soothe the discomfort.
Check out this natural muscle rub recipe to get started.

coconut oil uses for skin

15  Stretch-Mark Treatment

Another of the most surprising coconut oil uses for skin is as a treatment for stretch marks.  It won’t prevent them from occurring altogether, but it can improve their texture and appearance.
Frequent use with warm coconut oil helps to improve skin moisturisation and elasticity, and is of course incredibly soothing.

16  Day OR Night Skin Cream

As we’ve already seen, coconut oil is an awesome moisturiser which is why it makes such a good day or night treatment for your face.

For daytime use, you can even add compounds like raspberry seed extract or zinc oxide to provide extra sun protection.

And of course if you’re prone to acne and need an effective acne treatment, then add a drop of tea-tree essential oil to the coconut oil and just apply it more sparingly to lessen oiliness.

17  Dandruff Treatment

Coconut oil also happens to be one of the best natural hair treatments and is fab for scalp health too!
Combine it with lemongrass and tea-tree oils, which have anti-dandruff properties, to combat scalp itchiness and flakiness [17][17a].

18  Pain-Relieving Roll-On

Coconut oil makes the perfect carrier for all sorts of essential oil treatments.  And one of the best is this pain-relieving blend that you can roll onto your skin, right where it’s needed.
Tip: use fractionated coconut oil (instead of solid), because it’s always in a liquid state and therefore perfect for these sorts of roll-on treatments.
One of my favourite fractionated oils is made by Naissance.

coconut oil uses for skin

19  Summer Insect Repellent

Whip up a super-simple homemade insect repellent, using just coconut oil and your favourite anti-insect essential oils.  Some of the best mosquito-repelling oils include citronella, lemongrass, eucalyptus and clove.

And this is SO much better than breathing in chemicals like DEET or permethrins which are incredibly harmful to us, as well as the insects.

20  Treatment For Chronic Skin Conditions

And last but not least, one of the most healing coconut oil uses for skin, is as a treatment for chronic skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Coconut oil will not cure these conditions, but its fatty acid compounds will certainly soothe the abnormal inflammatory processes that occur.  In fact the compounds in coconut oil make it a much better skin treatment than others, like mineral oil, which have been traditionally used for that purpose [20].

So friends, do you have other coconut oil uses for skin nourishment that I haven’t mentioned?  Our skin needs loads of coconut lovin, so please share below!
I’m always eager to test out your new natural recipes and ideas x

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