Heavy Metal Toxicity And Ways To Detox

heavy metal toxicity

It’s a sad and scary truth of our times that heavy metal toxicity is EVERYWHERE now – across the planet and in every habitat.  Exposure to heavy metals comes from all around us, throughout our inside and outside environments.

Even in food sources heavy metals are extensive.  Fish for example, can be a very toxic source of metals like mercury, lead, cadmium and cesium, because our oceans are so polluted.

Unfiltered tap water is another source of metals, and even showering can be a problem if levels are high enough in your water supply.

The simple fact is that heavy metals are now pretty much unavoidable in our day to day lives [1][2].

Heavy metals are one of the main reasons we’re seeing a rise in inflammation, autoimmune conditions and chronic disease (including cancer).  Our bodies are simply becoming so toxic, that our immune systems are unable to keep us disease-free!

But although all this heavy metal exposure feels overwhelming, getting educated and aware of the problem means we can start to reduce our exposure and find ways to lead cleaner lives.

So let’s take a look at some of the worst offenders and how we can go about reducing our toxicity.

The Worst Culprits In Heavy Metal Toxicity

Although there are various problematic heavy metals, the ones that affect the majority of us are:

1  MERCURY – air pollution from coal-fired power stations and waste incinerators, fish and shellfish, dental amalgums, vaccines, fungicides, preservatives

2  ARSENIC – run-off from agricultural chemicals/wood preservative/mining which contaminates foodstuffs and drinking water

3  LEAD – toxic tap-water from old lead pipework, water tanks and fittings, paint, petrol, food containers

4 CADMIUM – pollution from industrial activity such as metal mining and manufacture, phosphate fertiliser production, fossil fuels, waste incineration, batteries, pigments, platings and coatings [6]

How Does Heavy Metal Toxicity Affect Us?

Heavy metals affect our immune systems at the cellular level and in SO many different ways:

  • Prevention of nutrients being absorbed properly into the cell and being utilised by mitochondria (the energy powerhouses inside).
  • Reduction of overall energy levels in the body, affecting ‘sleep energy’ which is meant to be restorative.  Once sleep length and quality is affected like this, it leads to even more fatigue and energy-steal from the immune system.  It also means there is less energy in the body for detoxing, which is so important when tackling heavy metal toxicity.
  • Inhibiting the number and function of certain types of white blood cells, for example neutrophils, making them more sluggish and less efficient in their activity.
  • And cadmium particularly, has a harmful effect on natural killer cells (an important cell in our immune systems), which when their numbers are too high can increase the risk of recurrent miscarriage in pregnancy [5][6][7][8][9].

Cadmium And Cancer

Cadmium is SO toxic to the body that it causes more cancer than all other heavy metals combined.  This is because it indirectly interferes with DNA replication and eventually leads to the formation of mutated cells [10].

In a healthy body where the immune system is functioning well, these mutant cells aren’t a problem and are simply destroyed as part of normal processes.

But problems arise in toxic situations where the immune system is already overloaded, fatigued and dysfunctional, so it ends up unable to deal with these cells in the usual way.  At this point any mutated cells can continue to multiply and form tumours.

How To Evaluate Your Heavy Metal Toxicity

If you’re really concerned that heavy metal toxicity is badly affecting your health, it’s worth getting yourself tested to see which metals are the worst culprits.  This will give you information about how to reduce your exposure and take steps to detoxify.

However it is important to understand that no one test covers all the heavy metals, so a series of tests might be needed to get to the bottom of your toxicity.  This is because different metals show up in the body in different ways and are excreted through different mechanisms.

Some of the procedures that are used include – hair mineral analysis, urine DMSA challenge test and a stool test for metals (a test that is especially good for cadmium for example).

In the US, you can use a company called Quicksilver Scientific for thorough heavy metal testing.

3 Powerful Ways To Treat Heavy Metal Toxicity

1 Infrared Saunas – A Super Gentle Detox Method

When it comes to detoxing, infrared saunas are a relaxing and gentle method.  They’re also valuable because the overall temperature is lower and more tolerable than in wet saunas, so you can take time to do a slower more gradual detox. The aim is still to sweat of course, as this is essential for detoxing, but without excessive over-heating or light-headedness.

In actual fact, infrared saunas can be even better for detoxing than exercise, because you get the same result without the taxing effect on the body. This means that as a method of detoxing, they’re better for heart function and circulation.  They’re also a lovely opportunity to relax and unwind, meditate or read a book, and certainly don’t have to be seen as ‘wasted time’.

Two types of infrared saunas that are effective in slightly different ways are:

  • FAR INFRARED SAUNAS – penetrate deep into your tissues and heat up your cells to release toxins.
  • NEAR INFRARED SAUNAS – combining light with heat to activate mitochondria and improving your immune system.

For infrared saunas, treatment times can start from as little as 10 minutes and build up to as much as 45 minutes.  Though a good protocol for the average detoxing user would be 20-30 minutes, 3-5 times per week.

If you need to, you can find out more about infrared saunas at Sauna Space.

2 Important Chelating Supplements

If you’re dealing with heavy metals, with detoxing and with feeling overwhelmed, then you can really help to pick yourself and your energy levels up with these great supplements:

  • PECTASOL-CPectasol-C is a great blood cleanser, as well as binder of heavy metals.  And even better, it’s all natural because it contains the compound Modified Citrus Pectin which comes from citrus peel.
    It’s best taken whenever you’re doing any sort of detox to remove the toxins from your system efficiently.  Dose – take 1x 5g scoop per day (or up to 2 or 3 times a day, if you’re really toxic).
  • BIOSIL – Biosil is a form of silica which is especially good at detoxing heavy metals which cause fatigue (it grabs metals like aluminium, tin, thalium, arsenic and cesium).  Dose – take 6-10 drops per day.

However, Biosil MUST be taken alongside a binder like Pectasol-C, (which will transport the metals out of your body and prevent them from getting reabsorbed).

3 Remember To Support Your Bowel Function

A really useful thing to understand when detoxing is that having good healthy bowel function is SO important, because it’s the main way in which the heavy metals will leave your body during the excretion process.  If you have problems such as constipation or gut dysbiosis, you’ll be seriously affecting your ability to detox and you shouldn’t attempt to do so unless you’ve addressed those problems first!

Simple procedures like coffee enemas and colonic irrigation, can be good cleansing methods for unblocking the bowel and getting things moving again.

Get Proactive About Heavy Metal Toxicity!

More than anything, it’s really important to act now in tackling any potential toxicity! Don’t wait for problems such as brain fog and fatigue to really get a hold and ruin your life.  If you’re feeling bad, you don’t have to wait for a heavy metal toxicity diagnosis to get going, you can take some of these simple natural steps to start to support your immune system in the meantime.

What’s important is to take things slow and gentle when you’re detoxing, this is a life-style change NOT a quick fix.  You may feel fatigued in the early stages as the toxins start to leave your body, so keep yourself well-nourished and take it easy.

Remember it’s taken your body many years to accumulate heavy metals and it’ll take considerable time to detoxify properly.  Complete detox time can take up to 2 years and won’t be a fast process!   So detox daily as part of your healthy lifestyle and you’ll see gradual change in your health over time.

Prevention IS Better Than Cure

It’s true that prevention might be boring and unsexy, but it is the answer to health problems.  So remember to get educated and aware, and start to take control of your own health, whenever you can day-to-day.

For further information on heavy metal toxicity and detoxing, please check out the website of Wendy Myers FDN, who offers some powerful treatment programs to help you deal with toxicity and get your life back.

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