Homemade Disinfectant Spray With Lemongrass & Tea Tree

homemade disinfectant spray

If you’re looking for a simple au-naturale, toxin-free antimicrobial cleaner then this homemade disinfectant spray is great one to use around your home.

It contains some general household ingredients, which there’s a good chance you already have in your cupboard.  And if you need to invest in the essential oils, then there are some great quality, inexpensive options available to buy too.  (I list a couple of those at the end of the post.)

Vodka might be a surprising ingredient in a homemade disinfectant spray, but it actually makes an effective surface cleaner.  Because of its high alcohol content, it’s an eco-friendly disinfectant and useful for killing organisms like mould and mildew.  So if you have old, cheap vodka somewhere in the back of your cupboard, don’t throw it away, use it!

Vinegar is obviously very acidic, so makes another good antibacterial component in any disinfectant recipe.  It’s also a pretty useful degreaser on any oily surfaces.

However it’s the essential oils which are the real powerhouse antimicrobials of this homemade disinfectant spray!  Tea tree oil is known for it’s killing power, against both bacteria and fungi [1].  As too is lemongrass, which has been found to be active against species such as Candida and MRSA, in studies [2][3].

By the way, my best tip for getting the most out of this homemade disinfectant spray is to scrub off any excess dirt and organic material first, to fully expose the surface to the antimicrobial ingredients.  This will really help to maximise their disinfectant effect.

Homemade Disinfectant Spray With Lemongrass & Tea Tree

Note: this recipe makes about 450ml / 16oz of homemade disinfectant spray.



1  You can use any spray bottle of a suitable size (eg 500ml), just ensure it’s thoroughly clean and rinsed before filling with your homemade cleaner. (You don’t want any harsh chemical residues like bleach left inside.)

2  Pour in the water, vodka and vinegar and give it a good shake.  Then carefully drop in your essential oils and shake again to mix.
And that’s it, you’re ready to get cleaning!  Simple huh!

So, if you make this homemade disinfectant spray and try it out around your home, let me know what you think in the comments below.  All feedback welcome, as this allows us to tweak the recipe!

I also love learning new recipes and trying them out myself, so please share any of your own favourite cleaning concoctions… x

For now as promised earlier, here are two of my favourite Tisserand essential oils that I recommend using for this recipe…


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