Homemade Face Wash With Honey

homemade face wash

This homemade face wash recipe is deliciously simple, with just a few store-cupboard ingredients and a select one or two essential oils.  All of the ingredients have natural antimicrobial properties, which makes it a great cleansing face treatment for daily use.

Because it’s so gentle you can also use it as a simple face mask, leaving it on for a few minutes to allow longer absorption time.  I also found after making my first little jar, the coconut oil was so moisturising, that I stopped needing to use a separate moisturiser afterwards which was a bonus!

It’s best to not make this in big batches, as the homemade face wash doesn’t contain preservatives and only stays fresh for a couple of weeks.  Unless of course, you’re making a number of little bottles to give away as gifts, which is a great idea for it.

Feel free to experiment with adding combinations of other essential oils, such as frankincense, lemon or lavender.  We are all different, so you may find some oils are better for your individual skin needs than others.

Homemade Face Wash With Honey

Note: makes about 150ml of homemade face wash.


3 tablespoons raw honey (avoid supermarket processed honey if possible, it is pasteurised so contains almost no nutrients)

1 tablespoon organic coconut oil

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

20 drops tea tree oil


1  Warm the coconut oil slightly, enough to soften it and allow for mixing in of the other ingredients.

2  Add everything else to the oil and give it all a really good stir.

3  Pour into an appropriately-sized bottle or jar.

4  The ingredients will settle out and separate slightly, especially the coconut oil as it cools, so give it a good shake before each use.  Any lumps of coconut oil, can be warmed  a little in the palm of your hand so that it melts back in.

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Let me know what you think of this homemade face wash and your own recommendations! x

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