Homemade Soft And Herby Kefir Cheese (Using Your Spare Kefir Milk)

kefir cheese

This week I came back from a short trip away to discover I had a glut of kefir milk in my kefir jar (I’m talking about 2 or 3 big smoothies worth at least).  And so I immediately got to pondering what I could do with it, to use it up.

Of course a quick google, reveals a multitude of blogs raving about the delights of kefir cheese and that’s what I decided to make.  And to my great surprise and delight, making your own probiotic-rich kefir cheese is a very simple affair.  You only really need the kefir milk and a cheesecloth, that’s it!

This recipe makes a soft and crumbly kefir cheese, but the texture of your own will depend on how thick your spare kefir milk is, and also how long you let it drain for.

When I made my kefir cheese, my kefir milk already had quite a thick consistency (it had been sitting out of the fridge for several days), so I knew there’d be some curds to play with.

The flavour of your kefir cheese will also depend on how long your kefir milk has been sitting around.  Mine was pretty ripe and tangy, and that’s exactly how the cheese came out.  If you like a milder flavour cheese, use fresher kefir milk that has had less fermenting time.

Homemade Soft & Herby Kefir Cheese

Note: to make this kefir cheese recipe you’ll need a square of cheesecloth or butter muslin.


  • spare organic kefir milk (I had at least 500ml / 2¼ cups)
  • 1-2 teaspoons mixed herbs (dry or fresh)


1  Loosely suspend your piece of cloth in the neck of a large jug, securing it in place around the edge with clothes pegs.  Yes that’s right, clothes pegs.

2  Take your kefir milk and slowly pour it onto the cloth.  The thick part of the kefir (the curds) will collect in a pool in the cloth, while the liquid part (the whey) will start to drain down into the bottom of the jug.

3  Once it’s all poured into the cheesecloth, you can add your mixed herbs to the thick kefir and stir them in gently.  (You can of course omit the herbs if you prefer.)

4  Leave the kefir mixture draining like this for 12 hours.  (You can pop it in the fridge if you have room, though it will also be absolutely fine in a cool place).

5  After this stage, carefully detach the clothes pegs and lift your cheesecloth with kefir cheese out of the jug.  Twist the cheesecloth closed at the top and lay the ball in a colander.  Place a saucer on top of the ball and weigh it down with a couple of food cans.

6  Leave your cheese like this in the colander, to carry on draining for up to 12 hours more.  (The weight will squeeze out the whey and give you a firmer-textured cheese.)
Once it’s ready, gently peel off the the cheesecloth to reveal your ball of soft cheese.

You can eat it as it is, spread it on warm crispy sour dough, or crumble it onto a salad.

Of course, the joy of making kefir cheese is that it’s so simple, it’s no chore to keep repeating the process in order to tweak the texture and flavour as you like.
So although this kefir cheese recipe has added herbs, you could of course try various other flavours – for example a little chopped garlic, chopped chives, chopped cooked spinach, salt or pepper, etc.

The choice of flavours is entirely up to you!  Either way, you’re indulging your taste buds with creamy, tangy cheese and nourishing your gut with a nice big helping of healing probiotics.
So my friends, happy kefir cheese making!

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