Lower Your PSA Naturally With These 10 Treatments

lower your PSA naturally

Learning to lower your PSA naturally is pretty important for guys these days.  And that’s because PSA can be used to measure the likelihood of developing prostate cancer.

A man’s PSA level is the amount of Prostate Specific Antigen in his blood, and is a marker of prostate inflammation.  Inflammation can be an early precursor of cancer yes, but it can also be a sign of benign conditions like enlarged prostate, prostatitis or urinary infection.

So taking several PSA values over time, is a great way to give an overall picture of prostate health and tell whether inflammation is present.  In a man aged 50-69 for example, a PSA above 3ng/ml would indicate inflammation.

And the good news is, if inflammation IS present, there are things that can be done to help lower your PSA level, without taking medication.

These include gentle, natural supplements and lifestyle tweaks, which allow you to get empowered and in control of your own health.

And this is a key part of healing – staying positive and realising there is so much that YOU can do personally to get healthy and stay that way.

So let’s take a look…

Lower Your PSA Naturally With These 10 Treatments

1 Lycopene

Lycopene is a powerful natural compound to lower your PSA.  In the wild, it tends to be found in lots of orange/red fruits and veg, foods like tomatoes.

In studies, lycopene’s been found to do wonderful things like lower the risk of prostate cancer and cardio-vascular disease.  As well as reduce inflammation and levels of fat deposition within the body [1][1a][1c].

You can easily source lycopene by eating a healthy rainbow diet rich in fruit and veg, and/or taking a good quality lycopene supplement.

Lycopene foods – tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit, papaya, goji berries.
Recommended dosage – 25-60mg a day.

2 Curcumin

Curcumin is the powerful antioxidant compound found in turmeric, that we’re all so familiar with.  Furthermore, curcumin is so healing that it has thousands of scientific studies looking at its many health benefits.

In terms of cancer, curcumin is a potent anti-tumour compound.  In fact it’s one of the best and even features in my list of 14 best anti-cancer remedies.
Prostate cancer is just one of the many cancers it’s been found to inhibit [2].

Recommended dosage – 1-2g.
Dosing tip – Taking your curcumin with a combination of ground black pepper and healthy fat (like olive oil), activates the compounds and makes them more bioavailable to the body.  A soothing golden turmeric tea is the perfect way to enjoy all these ingredients.

3 Resveratrol

Resveratrol is another natural antioxidant, a type of phenol, most often associated with red wine and grapes.  There are many studies which show resveratrol’s effects against prostate cancer and inflammatory conditions of the prostate [3].

And it’s also another compound that can work synergistically with other antioxidants, such as curcumin and quercetin, enhancing their effects.

Resveratrol foods – grapes, blueberries, cranberries, red wine, healing dark chocolate, peanuts, pistachios.
Recommended dosage – 500mg a day.

4 Holy Basil

Holy basil or tulsi (Ocicum sanctum), contains an interesting active compound called ursolic acid which has been found to destroy prostate cancer.  It works by causing apoptosis (death) of cancer cells and reducing the size of the prostate in inflammatory conditions [4][4a].

Recommended dosage – 500-1000mg a day.
Dosing tip – For cancer-fighting effects, holy basil is best taken alongside curcumin or resveratrol because they’re compounds that work synergistically.
You can also make yourself a healing tulsi tea with fresh ingredients.

5 Black Cumin Seed

Black cumin (Nigella sativa) can be used to lower your PSA naturally by rubbing the oil directly onto the skin over the prostate area.

The seed’s powerful healing properties are partly down to an anti-inflammatory compound called thymoquinone (TQ). TQ has anti-carcogenic, anti-mutagenic and antioxidant effects on cells and helps prevent tumour growth [5].

Where to buy? – There are some fab organic black cumin seed oils available, like this one from Skin Is You, which can be applied topically.

6 Pomegranate

Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is another plant with a powerful anti-cancer compound known as ellagic acid.

Research shows that ellagic acid can suppress the progression of prostate cancer by killing cancer cells.  Similarly it can inhibit the invasion (metastasis) of cancer cells into new areas [6][6a][6b].

Recommended dosage – 500-1000mg a day.

7 Green Tea

Green tea really is one of the top healthiest drinks you can consume.  It contains important antioxidants like catechins and the powerful compound EGCG – free radical scavengers which can reduce oxidative damage.

They are also anti-inflammatory compounds which can lower prostate cancer risk and enhance the effects of chemotherapy, on occasions where cancer is already being treated [7][7a][7b].

Therapeutic dosing – 3-5 cups a day.

8 Zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral, well known as a prostate-important nutrient.  It’s needed for the production of prostatic fluid and the healthy-functioning of prostate cells [8].

Zinc foods – Oysters, red meat, chicken, beans and lentils, seeds and nuts.
For a natural prostate-nourishing drink containing zinc, curcumin and antioxidants, mix up this zingy green smoothie which is super-refreshing.

Recommended dosage – 15-30mg a day.

9 Plenty Of Exercise

Let’s face it, there isn’t a single instance where exercise doesn’t do wonders for your health and wellbeing!

Exercise stimulates all your bodily systems, including your brain, heart, circulation and immune system.  It can help to lower your PSA naturally by reducing levels of obesity and inflammation, which both increase your cancer risk.

Furthermore, exercise medicine is now becoming a recognised treatment for cancer patients, because it increases the effectiveness of their treatment and their recovery [9][9a].

Recommended exercise regime – Work towards exercising about 4 days a week, for 45-60 minutes.  And aim to be getting out of breath for a third of the time.

10 High Omega-3 Diet

Part of your overall plan to lower your PSA naturally, should also be to eat plenty of non-inflammatory omega-3 fats, like fish oils and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).

In contrast, it’s crucial to keep your bad fat intake down as much as possible.
So this means steering clear of trans-fats altogether.  And keeping saturated fats (those that are solid at room temperature) and highly refined omega-6 fats (like sunflower oil) to a minimum [10].

Good non-inflammatory fats – Fish oil and wild-caught oily fish, EVOO, avocado oil, nuts and nut oils.
Bad inflammatory fats –  industrially refined oils like sunflower oil and vegetable oil, trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils found in processed foods). Animal fats are ok in moderation.

In conclusion, there are LOADS of great ways to lower your PSA naturally, as part of a healthy and wholesome lifestyle!  The key is using a combination of natural antioxidant treatments, a rainbow diet and plenty of exercise to keep inflammation down.

Happy nourishing friends x

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