Natural Homemade Cellulite Treatment With Grapefruit

natural homemade cellulite treatment

So yesterday I wrote a post about cellulite and how you can treat it in a non-invasive, non-surgical way, using healthy lifestyle changes – you can read it here, 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally.

In that post I touched on the fat-busting power of grapefruit oil and how it’s been shown in some studies to break down adipose (fat) tissue within the body [1].
It’s for this reason that there’s a ton of grapefruit-related beauty creams and treatments available out there, to tackle cellulite in this exact way.

But in this post, I want to show you that it’s totally possible to make your own natural homemade cellulite treatment, using just two simple ingredients.

And importantly if you make your own treatment, you put only natural compounds onto your skin, not the reams of toxic chemicals found in most commercial products.
As well as save yourself some money, by not having to buy branded creams.  Double bonus!

So let’s take a look at the recipe…

Natural Homemade Cellulite Treatment

Note: This natural homemade cellulite treatment needs a 200g / 7oz glass jar (aprroximately).  Which should be enough for about 30 applications.


If you don’t like coconut and prefer a different carrier oil, you could try olive oil or almond oil as alternatives.


1  Soften the coconut oil enough to allow the grapefruit oil to be added and mixed in thoroughly.  This may involve a little gentle heating.

2  Once mixed, scoop or pour the cellulite treatment into the glass jar and allow it to set again.

Directions For Use

Spend 5 minutes each day rubbing your natural homemade cellulite treatment into any problem areas.  Mmmm and remember….breathe, relax and enjoy some soothing self-love!

Any thoughts, feedback or experiences to share?
Would love to chat in the comments x

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